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Table 1 Field Blast Resistance of Moroberekan, Vandana, and Selected Progenies in India and the Philippines, 2004

From: Phylogenomic Relationships of Rice Oxalate Oxidases to the Cupin Superfamily and Their Association with Disease Resistance QTL

Cultivar/line Leaf blast score (0–9)a,b
Almora, India Los Baños, Philippines
Vandana 8.5 a 7.0 a
IR78221-19-3-196-B 8.3 a 4.0 b
IR78221-19-6-7-B 2.0 c 1.0 c
IR78221-19-6-56-B 3.0 b 1.0 c
IR78221-19-6-99-B 3.0 b 1.0 c
Moroberekan 1.5 b 0.3 d
  1. aLeaf blast was measured with a scale of 0 (resistant) to 9 (susceptible)
  2. bAny two means with a common letter are not significantly different, otherwise they are significantly different at 5% level using LSD test