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Table 1 Complementary Transgenic Plants Generated in this Study

From: Xa7, a Small Orphan Gene Harboring Promoter Trap for AvrXa7, Leads to the Durable Resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae Pv. oryzae

Constructs Recipient varieties HTP-resistant
T0 plants a
T0 plants b
S1AE6 IR24 22 16
S1AG3 IR24 10 0
S2CD8 IR24 6 2
S1BA3 IR24 11 5
S1BA3 ZH11 33 11
S1BA3 TP309 15 2
CG52–1300 ZH11 14 4
CG52–1300 TP309 21 8
S2BD2 ZH11 44 13
S2BD2 TP309 39 17
S1AD4 IR24 6 0
PPR1:Xa7:Tnos TP309 28 21
  1. a The number of transgenic plants regenerated from hygromycin selection culture
  2. b The number of transgenic plants resistant to Xoo strain PXO86. To test resistance, five to ten of the uppermost fully expanded leaves of each transgenic plant were inoculated using the leaf tip-clipping method at the booting stage. The plants were scored as resistant or susceptible based on the average lesion length at two weeks after inoculation