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Fig. 5

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Light Harvesting-like Protein 3 Interacts with Phytoene Synthase and Is Necessary for Carotenoid and Chlorophyll Biosynthesis in Rice

Fig. 5

Subcellular localization of OsLIL3 and OsPSY2 in N. benthamiana leaves

Fluorescent signals of OsLIL3-EYFP and OsPSY2-EYFP indicated by confocal microscopy. In both cases, chlorophyll autofluorescence (Chl) merged with yellow fluorescence signals, suggesting chloroplast localization. All bars = 10 μm. The OsLIL3-EYFP and OsPSY2-EYFP signal were detected using the anti-GFP antibodies, both these two proteins located in the thylakoid membrane fraction but not stroma and envelope fractions compared to marker proteins (Tic110, envelope; RbcL, stroma; Lhca1, thylakoid membrane). Env, envelope membranes; Str, stroma; Tm, thylakoid membrane.

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