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Table 1 Genome editing in stable transgenic rice lines with intron based Cas9 system

From: Intron-Based Single Transcript Unit CRISPR Systems for Plant Genome Editing

Targeted rice sitesCRISPR scaffoldTested T0 linesMutated T0 lines
(number; ratio)
Biallelic mutation lines
(number; ratio)
OsDEP1-sgRNA01Cas9 (inO::tRNA)109, 90.0%7, 70.0%pZHZ159
OsDEP1-sgRNA02125, 46.5%2, 16.7%pZHZ160
OsPDS-sgRNA01159, 60.0%2, 13.3%pZHZ161
OsPDS-sgRNA022614, 53.8%6, 23.1%pZHZ162
OsDEP1-sgRNA01Cas9 (inO::RZ)1410, 71.4%4, 28.6%pZHZ167
OsDEP1-sgRNA0262, 33.3%1, 16,7%pZHZ168
OsPDS-sgRNA011811, 84.6%3, 16,7%pZHZ169
OsPDS-sgRNA02101, 10.0%1, 10.0%pZHZ170
OsDEP1-sgRNA01Cas9 (inO::NU)2511, 44.0%8, 32.0%pZHZ171
OsDEP1-sgRNA02124, 33.3%0, 0.0%pZHZ172
OsPDS-sgRNA01113, 27.3%2, 16.7%pZHZ173
OsPDS-sgRNA023711, 29.7%1, 9.1%pZHZ174
OsDEP1-sgRNA01Cas9 (inO::tRNA)3017, 58.6%7, 23.3%pZHZ189
OsDEP1-sgRNA02303, 10.0%0, 0.0%
OsDEP1-sgRNA01Cas9 (inO::tRNA)5030, 71.4%20, 40.0%pZHZ190
OsPDS-sgRNA02502, 4.0%0, 0.0%