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Table 2 Summary of XA21-binding proteins

From: Resistance Genes and their Interactions with Bacterial Blight/Leaf Streak Pathogens (Xanthomonas oryzae) in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)—an Updated Review

Interacting proteinGene LocusGene productSubcelluar localizationRoleFunctionReference
XB3LOC_Os05g02130RING finger-containing E3 ubiquitin ligaseNot determined+Maintains the stability of XA21(Wang et al. 2006)
XB10LOC_Os09g25070Transcription factorPartially localize to the nucleusSuppresses the activation of defense-related genes(Peng et al. 2008)
XB15LOC_Os03g60650Protein phosphatase 2CPlasma membraneDephosphorylates XA21 and attenuates XA21-mediated immune responses(Park et al. 2008)
XB21LOC_Os12g36180Auxilin-like proteinNot determined+May function as clathrin uncoating factor to mediate XA21 endocytosis(Park et al. 2017)
XB24LOC_Os01g56470ATPaseNot determinedPromotes XA21 autophosphorylation and keep it in a biologically inactive state(Chen et al. 2010b)
XB25LOC_Os09g33810Plant-specific ankyrin-repeat (PANK) proteinPlasma membrane+Maintains the stability of XA21(Jiang et al. 2013; Zhang et al. 2010)
BiP3LOC_Os02g02410Heat shock protein (HSP) 70Endoplasmic reticulumServes as a XA21 chaperone and regulates XA21 processing(Park et al. 2010b)
SDF2LOC_Os08g17680Stromal-derived factor 2Endoplasmic reticulum+Serves as a XA21 chaperone and regulates XA21 processing(Park et al. 2013)
LOC_Os08g34190Not determined
OsSERK2LOC_Os04g38480Rice somatic embryogenesis receptor kinase 2Plasma membrane+Forms a constitutive complex with XA21 and phosphorylate one another(Chen et al. 2014)
  1. +, positive impact on XA21-mediated resistance; −, negative impact on XA21-mediated resistance