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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: OsPGIP1-Mediated Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Streak in Rice is Beyond Responsive to the Polygalacturonase of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola

 DH5αEscherichia coli for plasmids transformationLab collection
 EHA105Agrobacterium tumefaciens for rice transformation, RifRLab collection
 RS105Wild type Xoc strain, RifRZou et al. 2012
 RS105ΔpgDeletion of XocPG gene in RS105, RifRThis study
 RS105Δpg-CPXocPG gene complementation in RS105Δpg, KmR, RifRThis study
 pK18mobsacBSuicide vector for homologous recombination, KmRSchäfer et al. 1994
 pK18mobsacB-PGDeletion, upstream and downstream fragments of XocPG cloned in suicide vector pK18mobsacB, KmRThis study
 pVSP61Expression vector, KmRLoper and Lindow 1987
 pVSP61-PGComplementation, XocPG cloned in pVSP61 vector, KmRThis study
 pU1301::OsPGIP1Rice transformation, OsPGIP1 cloned in constitutive expression vector pU1301, Ubi, KmRThis study
 pDS1301::OsPGIP1Rice transformation, OsPGIP1 fragment cloned in RNA-silenced vector pDS1301, 35S, KmRThis study
 BD-PGYeast two-hybrid, XocPG cloned in the bait vector pGBKT7, KmRThis study
 AD-OsPGIP1Yeast two-hybrid, OsPGIP1 cloned in the prey vector pGADT7, AmpRThis study
 AD-OsPGIP4Yeast two-hybrid, OsPGIP4 cloned in the prey vector pGADT7, AmpRThis study
 pGBKT7–53Yeast two-hybrid, positive bait vector with murine p53, KmRClontech
 pGADT7-TYeast two-hybrid, positive bait vector with SV40 large T-antigen, AmpRClontech