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Table 3 Summary of the GWAS results for all 10 measured traits

From: Identification of genes for salt tolerance and yield-related traits in rice plants grown hydroponically and under saline field conditions by genome-wide association study

HydroponicsGengNo. SNPs8325107
  No. SNPs561368
XianNo. SNPs105108165
 No. SNPs395074
TotalNo. SNPs188133272
 No. SNPs9563142
Y16GengNo. SNPs1261297690169
  No. SNPs11544752074
XianNo. SNPs257211011828258179862
 No. SNPs93155215884863342
TotalNo. SNPs2692723025288671791031
 No. SNPs104209622935063415
Y17GengNo. SNPs8516113481659130341
  No. SNPs22145823122280151
XianNo. SNPs10119194119161634492
 No. SNPs571410268546213256
TotalNo. SNPs1863513289207120764832
 No. SNPs792868499768293403