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Fig. 2

From: Rice transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates plant height by modulating gibberellin catabolism

Fig. 2

Characterization of osmads57 plants. a Plant height of wild type and mutants. Bars = 10 cm. b Plant height and the length of its components of wild type and mutants. P, panicle; I, the uppermost internode; II, III, IV, the second, third, and fourth internodes counted from the uppermost internode, respectively. c Individual internode lengths of wild type and mutants. d The phenotype of panicles. Bars = 5 cm. e Panicle length of wild type and mutants at maturity. f Panicle exsertion of wild type and mutants. Bars = 2 cm. g Measurement of panicle exsertion of wild type and mutants. h Longitudinal sections of the uppermost internodes of wild type and mutants. Bars = 50 μm. i Quantitation of cell length of the uppermost internode of wild type and mutants. DJ, wild type; m57–2, osmads57–2; m57–1, osmads57–1. Three independent experiments were conducted with similar results. The data are means± SD (n = 15). Error bars indicate SD. The statistical significance of the measurements was determined by Student’s t-test. Asterisks indicate the significant difference between osmads57 and wild type (t–test, * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01 or *** P < 0.001)

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