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Table 5 Key genes segregating among the NU varieties

From: Comparative whole genome re-sequencing analysis in upland New Rice for Africa: insights into the breeding history and respective genome compositions

Gene abbreviation Locus Trait Reference Causal origin Variety with the gene segment
GBSSI LOC_Os06g04200 Grain amylose content Kishine et al. (2008) CG14 NU1, 2, and 5
BADH2 LOC_Os08g32870 Grain fragrance Asante et al. (2010) WAB638–1 (outcross) NU1
RAE1 LOC_Os04g28280 Awnness Furuta et al. (2015) CG14 NU2 and 5
OsC1 LOC_Os06g10350 Purple pigment Chin et al. (2016) CG14 NU1, 2, and 5
OsSWEET14 LOC_Os11g31190 Bacterial leaf blight susceptibility Hutin et al. (2015) CG14 NU1, 2, and 5
OsHKT1;5 LOC_Os01g20160 Salt tolerance Platten et al. (2013) WAB56–104 NU3 and NU4