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Table 1 Number of polymorphic SNPs detected by C6AIR in 18 bi-parental populations commonly used for mapping in rice. On average a 1 Mb region contains around 3–6 SNPs

From: Large-scale deployment of a rice 6 K SNP array for genetics and breeding applications

Parent1 Subgroup - Parent1 Parent2 Subgroup - Parent2 Number of polymorphic markers between the two parents using C6AIR
DV85 aus IR24 indica 1760
DJ123 aus IR64 indica 1051
N22 aus IR64 indica 1173
N22 aus Swarna indica 1017
Kasalath aus Nipponbare temperate japonica 1555
DJ123 aus Nipponbare temperate japonica 1506
FR13A aus M202 tropical japonica 1636
Khao Hlan On indica IR64 indica 810
93–11 indica Nipponbare temperate japonica 1742
IR64 indica Azucena tropical japonica 1760
Teqing indica Lemont tropical japonica 1713
Minghui 63 indica Azucena tropical japonica 1578
Jasmine85 indica Lemont tropical japonica 1629
IR64 indica Jefferson tropical japonica 1718
Nipponbare temperate japonica FR13A aus 1627
Nipponbare temperate japonica IR64 indica 1982
Geumobyeo temperate japonica Moroberekan tropical japonica 866
Kinandang Patong tropical japonica IR64 indica 1889