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Table 4 Details on drought yield QTLs (qDTYs) used in the marker assisted breeding

From: Pyramiding of drought yield QTLs into a high quality Malaysian rice cultivar MRQ74 improves yield under reproductive stage drought

Recipient Donor NIL Ecosystem qDTY name Chromosome Interval Peak marker a R2
IR64 Adaysel IR77298-14-1-2-10 Lowland qDTY 2.2 2 RM154-RM279 RM12460 14 6
Swarna Apo IR81896-B-B-195 Lowland qDTY 3.1 3 RM520-RM16030 RM520 30 27
Vandana Way Rarem IR84984-83-15-18-B Upland qDTY 12.1 12 RM28048-CG29430 RM511 47 33
  1. NIL near isogenic line, additive effect compared to trial mean (a, in percentage), phenotypic variance (R2, in percentage)
  2. Source: Swamy and Kumar (2013)