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Table 3 Gene names and their putative functions in the target interval

From: YGL138(t), encoding a putative signal recognition particle 54 kDa protein, is involved in chloroplast development of rice

Gene name Putative functions
Os11g05510 carbonic anhydrase family protein, putative
Os11g05520 bifunctional monodehydroascorbate reductase and carbonic anhydrasenectarin-3 precursor, putative, expressed
Os11g05530 expressed protein
Os11g05540 rhoGAP domain containing protein, expressed
Os11g05550 expressed protein
Os11g05552 signal recognition particle 54 kDa protein, chloroplast precursor, putative, expressed
Os11g05556 signal recognition particle 54 kDa protein, putative, expressed
Os11g05562 40S ribosomal protein S25, putative, expressed
Os11g05570 RNASEH2A − Putative ribonuclease H2 large subunit, expressed
Os11g05580 conserved hypothetical protein