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Table 1 Comparative features of different types of deepwater and wild rice of Bangladesh

From: Rayada specialty: the forgotten resource of elite features of rice

Features Typical deepwater rice Ashwina/Bhadoia Rayada rice Wild rice (O. rufipogon) References
Elongation ability Yes Yes Yes (faster) Yes (faster) Perez and Nasiruddin (1974); Hasanuzzaman (1974); Catling (1992); Vaughan (1994); Khush (1997); Bashar et al. (2004); Baruah et al. (2009)
Life cycle (months) 6-8 6-8 12 and 6-8 Perennial
Cold tolerance No No Yes Varying degree of tolerance
Photoperiod sensitivity Varying degree of sensitivity Less or no Strongly sensitive Sensitive  
Seed dormancy High High No High  
Responsiveness of short day in early vegetative stage Yes Yes No (Not known)  
Distribution South and Southeast Asia Bangladesh and India Endemic to Bangladesh South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, Australia, West- Africa  
Examples Habigonj Aman I -VIII Ashwina Kaladigha, Beto, etc. Jhoradhan