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Table 1 Language family locations and means of food production in Northeast Asia

From: Northeast Asian Linguistic Ecology and the Advent of Rice Agriculture in Korea and Japan

Language Region Food production
Ainuic Hokkaido, Sakahlin Hunting/fishing
Amuric (Nivkh/Gilyak) Amur estuary, Sakhalin Hunting/fishing
Japonic Japanese archipelago Rice farming
Kamchukotic Kamchatka Hunting/fishing, reindeer pastoralism
Koreanic Korean peninsula Rice farming
Mongolic Mongolia, China, Russia Pastoralism
Tungusic China, Russia Hunting/fishing, reindeer pastoralism
Turkic Siberia, Central Asia Pastoralism
Yeniseic Yenisei basin Hunting/fishing
Yukaghiric Sakha Republic Hunting/reindeer pastoralism