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Table 2 Ex Situ Conservation of Australian Species from the Oryzeae Tribe in the Australian Plant DNA Bank and as Seed Under Long-Term Conservation Conditions in the Australian Tropical Crops and Forages Germplasm Centre, the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines, and the National Institute of Genetics and National Bioresource Project in Japan

From: Australian Oryza: Utility and Conservation

  Australian Plant DNA Bank Australian Tropical Crops and Forages Germplasm Centre IRRI, Philippines National Bioresource Project, Japan
Taxon Total Total State of origin
Oryza australiensis 33 27 NT 20, QLD 6; WA 1 34 37
Oryza meridionalis 11 18 NT 18 45 47
Oryza officinalis 3 0    
Oryza rufipogon 3 5 NT 4, QLD 1 4  
Potamophila parviflora 8 8 NSW 8   
Total 58 62   83 84
  1. T Northern Territory, QLD Queensland, WA Western Australia