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Table 5 Gene Expression Pattern Observed in Shoots and Roots for High-Affinity P Transporters of the OsPT Gene Family

From: Stress Response Versus Stress Tolerance: A Transcriptome Analysis of Two Rice Lines Contrasting in Tolerance to Phosphorus Deficiency

Transporter GenBank TIGR locus Shoot (G) Shoot (E) Root (G) Root (E)
OsPT1 AF536961 Os03g05620 ns ns ns ns
OsPT2 AF536962 Os03g05640 0.536 6.11 0.59 1.12
OsPT3 AF536963 Os10g30770     
OsPT4 AF536964 Os04g10750 0.565 1.61 ns 2.53
OsPT5 AF536965 Os04g10690 0.540 1.72 0.73 2.50
OsPT6 AF536966 Os08g45000     
OsPT7 AF536967 Os03g04360 ns ns ns ns
OsPT8 AF536968 Os10g30790 0.725 2.24 0.80 2.64
OsPT9 AF536969 Os06g21920 ns ns 0.72 4.14
OsPT10 AF536970 n/a     
OsPT11 AF536971 Os01g46860 ns ns 0.74 3.67
OsPT12 AF536972 Os03g05610 ns 0.57 nd nd
OsPT13 AF536973 n/a     
  1. Data are expressed as fold change, with values >1 indicative of upregulation in NIL6-4 or under P deficiency, relative to respective baseline treatment levels Nipponbare or P-fertilized conditions. Italicized values indicate much stronger expression in the respective tissue