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Table 1 List of “Trait-Specific” Genes that Are Syntenic with Rice

From: Screen of Genes Linked to High-Sugar Content in Stems by Comparative Genomics

Genea Rice Sorghum Expressionb
Starch and sucrose metabolism
Hexokinase 8 Os01g0190400 Sb03g003190.1c 2.3
Hexokinase 8 Os05g0187100 Sb09g005840.1  
Carbohydrate phosphorylase Os01g0851700 Sb03g040060.1c 1.2
Sucrose synthase 2 Os03g0401300 Sb01g033060.1 c −1.3
Sucrose synthase 2 Os07g0616800   
Fructokinase-2 Os08g0113100 Sb07g001320.1c −1.7
Sorbitol dehydrogenase Os08g0545200 Sb07g025220.1c 1.6
Sugar binding
d-mannose binding lectin Os06g0165200 Sb10g022730.1c 2
CO2 assimilation
NADP-dependent malic enzyme Os01g0723400 Sb03g033250.1 c 2
LysM domain protein/cell wall catabolism Os03g0110600 Sb01g049890.1c 1.2
Cellulose synthase-7 Os03g0837100 Sb01g002050.1 c −1
Cellulose synthase-1 Os05g0176100 Sb09g005280.1 c −1.1
Cellulose synthase-9 Os07g0208500 Sb02g006290.1 c −1.1
Cellulose synthase-9 Os03g0808100 Sb01g004210.1  
Cellulose synthase catalytic subunit 12 Os09g0422500 Sb02g025020.1c −4.7
Alpha-galactosidase precursor Os10g0493600 Sb01g018400.1c −1.8
Beta-galactosidase 3 precursor Os01g0875500 Sb03g041450.1c −2.4
Beta-galactosidase 3 precursor Os05g0428100 Sb03g041450.1  
Cinnamoyl CoA reductase Os08g0441500 Sb07g021680.1c −2.9
Cinnamoyl CoA reductase Os09g0419200 Sb10g005700.1  
Laccase Os01g0842400 Sb03g039520.1 −3.5
4-Coumarate coenzyme A ligase Os02g0177600 Sb04g005210.1c −3.7
4-Coumarate coenzyme A ligase Os06g0656500 Sb10g026130.1  
Fasciclin domain Os03g0788600 Sb01g005770.1c −1.75
Fasciclin domain Os07g0160600 Sb02g003410.1  
Fasciclin-like protein FLA15 Os05g0563600 Sb09g028490.1c −6.5
Caffeoyl-CoA O -methyltransferase 2 Os06g0165800 Sb10g004540.1 c −2.15
Caffeoyl-CoA O -methyltransferase Os08g0498100 Sb07g028530.1 c −5.3
Caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase Os09g0481400 Sb02g027930.1  
  1. In boldface: sorghum genes that correspond to sugarcane probe set IDs previously reported by [6]
  2. aParalogs in italics
  3. bMean Log2 Ratio of sweet versus grain sorghum
  4. cSorghum gene to which a sugarcane probe set was mapped