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Table 1 Selected genes that differentially expressed in the RNAi54 transgenic plants as compared to WT

From: Rice Carbohydrate-Binding Malectin-Like Protein, OsCBM1, Contributes to Drought-Stress Tolerance by Participating in NADPH Oxidase-Mediated ROS Production

RAP_Locus MSU_Locus Gene description Fold change p-value Regulation
Rice respiratory burst oxidase homologs
Os08g0453766 LOC_Os08g35210 Rice respiratory burst oxidase homolog, OsrbohE; Osrboh6 7.92 1.55E−08 Down
Os09g0438000 LOC_Os09g26660 Rice respiratory burst oxidase homolog, OsrbohB; Osrboh7 5.16 8.83E−10 Down
Os01g0734200 LOC_Os01g53294 Rice respiratory burst oxidase homolog, OsrbohA; Osrboh2 4.07 1.41E−06 Down
Os01g0360200 LOC_Os01g25820 Rice respiratory burst oxidase homolog, Osrboh1 2.59 7.01E−05 Down
Rop/Rac associated proteins
Os02g0719000 LOC_Os02g48730 Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitor 1, putative, expressed 30.90 5.82E−08 Down
Os01g0917700 LOC_Os01g68890 P21-Rho-binding domain containing protein, putative, expressed 16.65 1.19E−11 Down
Os04g0627400 LOC_Os04g53580 P21-Rho-binding domain containing protein, putative, expressed 8.38 2.24E−03 Down
Os03g0847900 LOC_Os03g63060 P21-Rho-binding domain containing protein, putative, expressed 6.31 3.23E−12 Down
Os06g0318300 LOC_Os06g21340 Rho GDP-dissociation inhibitor 1, putative, expressed 2.35 1.39E−05 Down
Os04g0561200 LOC_Os04g47330 Rho-GTPase-activating protein-related, putative, expressed 11.43 2.53E−04 Ups
Os01g0757600 LOC_Os01g55280 OsRac5 partner; The myosin heavy chain-coding gene 2.45 2.25E−04 Down
Guanine nucleotide exchange factors
Os04g0559100 LOC_Os04g47170 ATROPGEF7/ROPGEF7, putative, expressed 5.16 8.51E−06 Down
Os10g0550300 LOC_Os10g40270 ATROPGEF7/ROPGEF7, putative, expressed 5.02 1.67E−02 Down
Os02g0702600 LOC_Os02g47420 ATROPGEF7/ROPGEF7, putative, expressed 4.85 3.31E−04 Down
Os5g0454200 LOC_Os05g38000 Guanine nucleotide exchange factor, OsRopGEF10 4.64 1.34E−02 Down
Mitogen-activated protein kinases
Os01g0629900 LOC_Os01g43910 Mitogen-activated protein kinase, OsMAPK20-1 3.84 1.99E−08 Down
Os06g0699400 LOC_Os06g48590 Mitogen-activated protein kinase, OsMAPK4 2.08 9.20E−05 Down
Os05g0566400 LOC_Os05g49140 Mitogen-activated protein kinase, OsMAPK7 2.01 2.08E−03 Down
Os06g0724900 LOC_Os06g50920 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase, ILA1 3.05 2.30E−05 Ups
Os02g0135200 LOC_Os02g04230 Mitogen-activated protein kinase, OsMAPK13 3.69 1.90E−08 Ups
Drought-stress associated proteins
Os02g0669100 LOC_Os02g44870 Dehydration-stress inducible protein 1 2.14 1.15E−04 Down
Os07g0569700 LOC_Os07g38240 C2H2 transcription factor, stress associated protein 16, OsSAP16 2.05 3.50E−04 Down
Os03g0793000 LOC_Os03g57900 Stress associated protein 7, OsSAP7 2.03 8.74E−04 Down
Os01g0233000 LOC_Os01g13210 Salt stress root protein RS1, putative, expressed 2.79 5.19E−04 Down
Os03g0179400 LOC_Os03g08170 Drought-inducible receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase, OsRLCK103 3.25 1.70E−07 Down
Os03g0286900 LOC_Os03g17790 Drought resistance, rare cold-inducible 2–5, OsRCI2-5 2.82 5.17E−03 Down
  1. The expression levels of the genes were detected by RNA-seq experiment