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Table 2 Evaluation of leaf and neck blast resistances of newly developed PTGMS line Huhan74S, parents, and susceptible check in blast epidemic fields

From: Molecular Breeding of a Novel PTGMS Line of WDR for Broad-Spectrum Resistance to Blast Using Pi9, Pi5, and Pi54 Genes

Lines Score of leaf blast Score of neck blast Resistance evaluation
Huhan 74S 2 1 R
Huhan 1S 7 7 S
Huhan 1B (Pi9) 3 1 R
Huhan 91 (Pi5 + Pi54) 3 1 R
LTH (susceptible check) 9 9 HS
  1. R, Resistant; MR, Medium Resistant; S, Susceptible; HS, High Susceptible