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Table 5 Insect associated molecules that are characterised

From: Arms and ammunitions: effectors at the interface of rice and it’s pathogens and pests

Insect Protein Description Activity and localisation in rice References
BPH NlMLP Mucin-like protein Cell death and callose deposition
Shangguan et al. (2018)
BPH NlSEF1 EF-hand Ca2+-binding protein Suppression of wound-induced H2O2 and reduction in cytosolic Ca2+ level Ye et al. (2017)
BPH NlEG1 endo-β-1,4-glucanase Possesses in vitro endoglucanase activity Ji et al. (2017)
BPH NlMul Mucin-like protein Huang et al. (2017)
BPH Kat-1 Catalase In vitro catalase activity Petrova and Smith, (2014)
BPH salivap-3 Salivary Protein Huang et al. (2016)
BPH CA Carbonic Anhydrase Huang et al. (2016)
BPH ANX-like 5 Annexin-like protein 5 Huang et al. (2016)
BPH N112 Protein disulfide isomerase Cell death/Nucleo-cytoplasmic Rao et al. (2019)
BPH N116 Apolipophorin-III Cell death/Nucleo-cytoplasmic Rao et al. (2019)
BPH N128 Small secreted cysteine-rich protein Cell death/Nucleo-cytoplasmic Rao et al. (2019)
BPH N132 Chemosensory protein Nucleo-cytoplasmic Rao et al. (2019)
BPH N140 Unknown Protein Rao et al. (2019)
BPH N143 Unknown protein Cell death/Nucleus Rao et al. (2019)
GRH NcSP75 Unknown Protein Matsumoto and Hattori, (2018)
GRH NcSP84 EF-hand Ca2+-binding protein In vitro Ca2+ binding activity Hattori et al. (2012)
GRH β-glucosidase β-glucosidase In vitro hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl-b-d-glucopyranoside Nakamura and Hattori, (2013)
GRH NcLac1S Laccase In vitro laccase activity Hattori et al. (2010)
SBPH DNaseII Deoxyribonuclease II In vitro DNAse activity; suppression of insect-induced callose and H2O2 accumulation Huang et al. (2019a)
RGM OoNDPK Nucleoside diphosphate kinase Secreted into the host cells; causes elongation of rice coleoptile cells Sinha et al. (2012)
  1. BPH Brown Planthopper, GRH Green Rice Leafhopper, SBPH Small Brown Planthopper, RGM Rice Gall Midge