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Table 4 Studies  that established the secretome of various rice pests

From: Arms and ammunitions: effectors at the interface of rice and it’s pathogens and pests

Insect Source material Approach Number of proteins/genes identified References
BPH SG 2D-PAGE and Edman Degradation 52 proteins Konishi et al. (2009)
BPH Secreted Saliva LC–MS/MS 202—Watery Saliva Proteins
18—Gelling Saliva Proteins
Huang et al. (2016)
BPH Secreted Saliva LC–MS/MS 107—Watery Saliva Proteins Liu et al. (2016)
BPH SG Transcriptome 1140 genes coding secretory proteins Rao et al. (2019)
BPH SG Transcriptome 352 genes coding secretory proteins Ji et al. (2013)
BPH SG Transcriptome 19—SG Specific secreted protein encoding genes Miao et al. (2018a)
GRH Secreted Saliva LC–MS/MS 71—Proteins Hattori et al. (2015)
GRH SG Transcriptome 76 genes coding secretory proteins Matsumoto et al. (2014)
WBPH Secreted Saliva LC–MS/MS 161—Watery saliva proteins Miao et al. (2018b)
  1. BPH Brown planthopper, GRH Green rice leafhopper, WBPH Whitebacked planthopper, LC MS/MS Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry, SG salivary gland, 2D-PAGE two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis