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Table 1 Putative cis-acting elements in the OsGATA16 promoter

From: OsGATA16, a GATA Transcription Factor, Confers Cold Tolerance by Repressing OsWRKY45–1 at the Seedling Stage in Rice

Name Sequence Position Annotation
LTRECOREATCOR15 CCGAC 17,153,960 cold response
EBOXBNNAPA CANNTG 30,139,689,696,712,1386 cold response
ABRERATCAL MACGYGB 688,734,1795 ABA response
ABRELATERD1 ACGTG 1731,1796,1821 dehydration response
MYBCORE CNGTTR 889,972,1035 dehydration response
CPBCSPOR TATTAG 1453,1667 cytokinin response
ARR1AT NGATT 80,90,120,257,266,557,592,633,843,848,861,920,929,935,982,997,1012,1044,1062,1071,1077,1087,1135,1180,1200,1236,1361,1396,1628,1682 cytokinin response
GT1GMSCAM4 GAAAAA 1250,1298,1655,1765 salt-induce