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Table 3 Changes in expression of selected miRNA targets in RIL TR3RR upon infestation with BPH or WBPH

From: RNA-Sequencing Reveals Differentially Expressed Rice Genes Functionally Associated with Defense against BPH and WBPH in RILs Derived from a Cross between RP2068 and TN1

miRNA ID Target gene transcript ID Fold change value for MSU Loc ID Description
miR399k BGIOSGA031778 2.5 NC ?  
BGIOSGA010321 2.1 NC LOC_Os03g39740 Regulation of DNA replication
miR399g BGIOSGA002845 2.2 NC LOC_Os01g07100 Transport, proteasome assembly
miR393a BGIOSGA030203 2.1 NC ?  
BGIOSGA016952 2.3 NC ?  
miR7692-5p BGIOSGA006222 −2.2 NC LOC_Os02g35900 thioredoxin, putative,
miR2869 BGIOSGA023232 NC 2.1 ?  
miR5791 BGIOSGA030810 NC 2.0 LOC_Os09g26190 CBS domain containing protein
BGIOSGA004148 NC 2.3 LOC_Os01g47190 phosphoglycerate mutase, putative
miR413 BGIOSGA024095 NC 2.1 LOC_Os07g37250 thylakoid formation1, chloroplast precursor
miR6245 BGIOSGA011796 NC −2.1 ? – Patatin  
miR413 BGIOSGA27084 NC −2.2 ?  
  1. ? Not listed in MSU Loc ID
  2. NC No change in expression level