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Table 1 Information of SNPs with Δ (SNP index) of 1

From: OsPRR37 Alternatively Promotes Heading Date Through Suppressing the Expression of Ghd7 in the Japonica Variety Zhonghua 11 under Natural Long-Day Conditions

29,480,375 G A 1.00 LOC_Os07g49230
29,517,850 G A 1.00 LOC_Os07g49280
29,523,655 G A 1.00 LOC_Os07g49300
29,623,477 G A 1.00 LOC_Os07g49460
  1. POS, the physical position of indicated SNP; REF, the allele of ZH11 of indicated SNP; ALT, alternative allele in the bulked pool of indicated SNP; Δ (SNP index), the absolute value of difference between ZH11 and bulked pool of the SNP index as the ratio between the number of reads of a mutant SNP and the total number of reads corresponding to the SNP; LOC, locus of SNP located in