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Table 1 List of B and P Donor vectors used to assemble the 5-stack and 11-stack T-DNA

From: Efficient Gene Stacking in Rice Using the GAANTRY System

Stack # Donor Vector   Phenotype Cargo Sequence
Cargo Size (kb) Promoter CDSa Terminator
1 B 3.4 hygromycin resistance RUBQ2 hptII CaMV 35S
2 P 2.1 Renilla luciferase activity CaMV 35S Rluc CaMV 35S
3 B 2.2 enhancer blocking insulator TBS (Transformation Booster Sequence)
4 P 4.2 firefly luciferase activity OsCc1 Fluc nos
5 B 4.8 β-glucuronidase activity OsLP2 GUSPlus nos
6 P 3.1 glufosinate herbicide tolerance PvUbi1 bar nos
7 B 3.0 green florescence OsRoot6 eGFP CaMV 35S
8 P 2.2 enhancer blocking insulator TBS (Transformation Booster Sequence)
9 B 4.3 red florescenceb OsPS2 tdTomatoER nos/35S
10 P 4.6 glyphosate herbicide tolerance OsGOS2 EPSPS nos
11 B 3.4 paromomycin resistance ZmUbi1 nptII CaMV 35S
  1. a CDS: gene coding sequence
  2. b The cargo 9 sequence was nonfunctional and failed to produce detectable red fluorescent pollen