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Table 2 Genome-wide significant associations for BSS and NSS of the F1 population with the background of CMS-HL in year 2013 and 2014 using the linear mixed model

From: Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal the Genetic Basis of Fertility Restoration of CMS-WA and CMS-HL in xian/indica and aus Accessions of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

TraitChr.20132014Known loci
PositionP-LMMAllele1)MAF2)PVE (%)3)PositionP-LMMAlleleMAFPVE (%)
BSS2     26,741,4792.24E-07G/A0.0598.18 
4     12,956,6201.17E-08T/C0.3598.81 
6     21,359,6871.36E-07A/T0.37711.25 
12     16,744,6037.69E-08A/G0.1016.35 
  1. Note: 1) Allele is presented with the format of ‘major allele / minor allele’
  2. 2) MAF minor allele frequency
  3. 3) PVE phenotypic variation explained by each locus