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Table 1 QTL analysis for low-temperature germinability in the F2 population

From: Characterization of a New qLTG3–1 Allele for Low-temperature Germinability in Rice from the Wild Species Oryza rufipogon

TraitaQTLChr.MarkerP-valueR2b (%)
7 DAIqLTG11RM220 - CRM220.00013.1
qLTG33RM60 - qLTG3–1_18D0.00039.9
Interactionc  RM220/RM600.629
Totald   47.3
  1. aDAI: days after incubation, b R2: Coefficient of determination, c Interaction between qLTG1 and qLTG3, d Total phenotypic variance was determined by regression analysis