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Table 2 Genome editing in stable transgenic rice lines with intron based Cas12a system

From: Intron-Based Single Transcript Unit CRISPR Systems for Plant Genome Editing

Targeted rice sitesCRISPR scaffoldTested T0 linesMutated T0 lines
(number; ratio)
Biallelic mutation lines
(number; ratio)
OsDEP1-crRNA01Cas12a (inO::DR-DR)157, 46,7%0, 0.0%pZHZ144
OsROC5-crRNA-01222, 9.1%0, 0.0%pZHZ146
OsDEP1-crRNA01Cas12a (inO:: HH-HDV)191, 5.3%0, 0.0%pZHZ148
OsROC5-crRNA-01210, 0.0%0, 0.0%pZHZ150
OsROC5-crRNA01Cas12a (inO:: HH-HDV)221, 4.5%0, 0.0%pZHZ208
OsROC5-crRNA02223, 13.7%0, 0.0%