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Table 1 Key domestication genes in African rice

From: Genetics and Genomics of African Rice (Oryza glaberrima Steud) Domestication

Gene/QTL/Loci Trait Putative function Causative mutation Reference
OgSh1 Seed shattering YABBY transcription factor Unclear (Wang et al. 2014)
GL4 Seed size and seed shattering Myb-like protein C/T SNP in exon 1 leading to premature stop codon (Wu et al. 2017)
OgSh3 Seed shattering GT-1-like trihelix transcription factor C/T SNP (Win et al. 2017)
SH5 Seed shattering BEL1-type homeobox gene Not identified (Cubry et al. 2018)
OgSh4 Seed shattering Myb3 DNA binding domain protein Unclear (Wang et al. 2014)
RICE PLANT ARCHITECTURE DOMESTICATION (RPAD) Plant architecture Zinc finger genes 113-kb deletion (Wu et al. 2018)
Prostrate growth 7 (PROG7) Plant architecture Zinc-finger transcription factor Mutations in promoter region (Hu et al. 2018)
Regulator of Awn Elongation gene 3 (RAE 3) Awn formation   Not identified (Furuta et al. 2015)
Early heading date 1 (Ehd1) Heading date B-type response regulator Not identified (Doi et al. 2004; Doi et al. 1998)
Rc gene Pericarp colour Regulatory protein in the proanthocyanidin synthesis pathway Novel point mutation in exon 7 (Gross et al. 2010)
Prostrate growth 1 (PROG1) Plant architecture   Entire gene is absent (Cubry et al. 2018)