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Table 4 QTLs for eating-quality traits on CSSLs in the ‘Takanari’ genetic background in 2018

From: Genomic Regions Involved in Differences in Eating and Cooking Quality Other than Wx and Alk Genes between indica and japonica Rice Cultivars

Trait Locus name CSSLs Position Flanking marker interval Additive effect
Amylose content (%) qAC1–2 SL1304 Chr1 sd1-RM6321 1.1
qAC3 SL1311 Chr3 RM2334-RM7389 1.7
qAC9 SL1331 Chr9 RM5657-RM6797 1.3
qAC10 SL1334 Chr10 RM4455-RM6673 1.2
qAC11 SL1336 Chr11 RM1355-RM7443 1.3
qAC12 SL1337 Chr12 Bb77A02-RM7102 1.4
Protein content (%) qPC5 SL1317 Chr5 RM6034-RM3476 0.3
qPC9 SL1330 Chr9 RM3907-RM6235 0.2
qPC11 SL1336 Chr11 RM1355-RM7443 0.2
Eating quality score (−) qEQ1 SL1302 Chr1 RM1287-RM1297 −5.0
qEQ2 SL1306 Chr2 RM5699-RM1379 −3.0
qEQ3–1 SL1308 Chr3 RM7332-RM5748 −3.1
qEQ4 SL1315 Chr4 RM3839-RM5608 −3.4
qEQ5 SL1317 Chr5 RM6034-RM3476 −3.7
qEQ7–1 SL1323 Chr7 RM4584-RM6728 −3.4
qEQ7–2 SL1325   RM6394-RM7601 −6.0
qEQ10 SL1333, SL1334 Chr10 RM5348-RM5620 −3.5
qEQ11 SL1336 Chr11 RM1355-RM7443 −5.0
Stickiness S1 (N/m2 × 102) qST2 SL1306 Chr2 RM5699-RM1379 −1.2
qST3–1 SL1308 Chr3 RM7332-RM5748 −1.1
qST5 SL1317 Chr5 RM6034-RM3476 −2.2
qST9 SL1331 Chr9 RM5657-RM6797 2.3
qST11 SL1335, SL1336 Chr11 RM5824-RM6623 −1.7
Hardness H2 (N/m2 × 104) qHA4–1 SL1312 Chr4 RM16260-RM5633 1.9
qHA4–2 SL1315   RM3839-RM5608 2.1
qHA5–1 SL1316, SL1317 Chr5 RM17836-RM18222 2.7
qHA6–2 SL1322 Chr6 RM5957-RM5463 2.1
qHA8 SL1328 Chr8 RM5767-RM4997 2.9
qHA9 SL1329 Chr9 RM23654-RM3907 −1.4
qHA11 SL1336 Chr11 RM1355-RM7443 2.1
Whiteness (−) qWH1 SL1303 Chr1 RM7124-sd1 4.2
qWH2–2 SL1306 Chr2 RM5699-RM1379 2.6
qWH3 SL1311 Chr3 RM2334-RM7389 2.8
qWH4–1 SL1312 Chr4 RM16260-RM5633 2.5
qWH6–2 SL1322 Chr6 RM5957-RM5463 −0.9
qWH7 SL1324, SL1325 Chr7 RM5481-RM3826 3.5
  1. Positive additive effect means ‘Takanari’ allele increasing the trait values