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Table 3 Candidate gene haplotype group and the composition of each haplotype SNP

From: QTL Mapping and Candidate Gene Analysis for Alkali Tolerance in Japonica Rice at the bud Stage Based on Linkage Mapping and Genome-Wide Association Study

Gene hap1/ Number hap2/ Number hap3/ Number
LOC_Os11g37230 TT/261(XBJZ) GT/10(KY131) GA/10
LOC_Os11g37270 A/264(KY131) G/14(XBJZ)  
LOC_Os11g37300 CTC/250(KY131) TCT/13(XBJZ) CCC/12
LOC_Os11g37320 C/271(KY131) T/15(XBJZ)  
LOC_Os11g37340 CT/272(XBJZ) TC/15(KY131)  
LOC_Os11g37390 A/269(KY131) T/17(XBJZ)