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Table 2 Analysis of variance (F-values) for grain yield, yield components and agronomic traits among treatments, conditions and seasons for the diverse set of 280 lines

From: Genome-Wide Association Study for Yield and Yield Related Traits under Reproductive Stage Drought in a Diverse indica-aus Rice Panel

Sources of variations Df DTF PH PL FlgLA NBP BMDW GY HI TGW SPKFT
Treatment 1 348.69c 497.02c 403.82c 227.76c 3136.14c 4062.87c 4524.94c 1856.72c 652.32c 2508.07c
Condition 1 173.25c 19.93c 0.5NS 8.07b 58.63c 76.61c 30.86c 12.14c 21.2c 2.61NS
Season 1 4.35a 223.68c 40.59c 155.89c 7.19b 1.31NS 430.86c 50.45c 51.74b 166.89c
Treatment:Season 1 19.73c 67.91c 29.64c 94.02c 84.76c 4.69a 1951.55c 1045.64c 100.08c 241.19c
Condition:Season 1 42.3c 11.62c 19.1c 30.39c 18.88c 0.85NS 3.51. 9.1b 39.13c 57.03c
  1. Sources of variation analysed using two treatment levels (control, stress); two growing conditions (lowland, upland) and two seasons (wet and dry) for ten traits at asignificant at 5%, bsignificant at 1%, c significant at 0.1% levels and NS- Non-significant levels