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Table 4 Phenotypic correlations for the 8 selected root traits among the 17 rice accessions under two water conditions

From: Phenotyping Root Systems in a Set of Japonica Rice Accessions: Can Structural Traits Predict the Response to Drought?

Trait FRL20 TRL40 TRL60 BI40 DIAM _ TR60 \( {\upalpha}_{FR{L}_{40\_60}} \) \( {RED}_{T{R}_{20_{60}}} \) TOTVOL
FRL20 0.044ns − 0.095ns 0.361ns 0.186ns − 0.371ns 0.293ns 0.534a
TRL40 0.452ns 0.828b −0.585b 0.775b −0.142ns − 0.536a 0.761b
TRL60 0.267ns 0.801b −0.597b 0.852b 0.236ns − 0.712b 0.730b
BI40 0.485a −0.057ns − 0.339ns − 0.347ns − 0.229ns 0.217ns − 0.217ns
DIAM _ TR60 0.580a 0.601a 0.642b 0.259ns 0.113ns − 0.742b 0.760b
\( {\upalpha}_{FR{L}_{40\_60}} \) −0.489a −0.192ns 0.163ns − 0.499a 0.130ns − 0.380ns − 0.171ns
\( {RED}_{T{R}_{20_{60}}} \) − 0.440ns − 0.183ns − 0.218ns − 0.358ns − 0.791b −0.131ns − 0.364ns
TOTVOL 0.625b 0.923b 0.715b 0.009ns 0.528a −0.298ns − 0.118ns
  1. nsNon-significant; a and b significant by the t-test at 5 and 1% probability, respectively. Values for irrigated conditions are below the diagonal and for drought above the diagonal