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Table 1 Detailed information for the samples used to make Fig. 2 and Fig. 3

From: Re-Analysis of 16S Amplicon Sequencing Data Reveals Soil Microbial Population Shifts in Rice Fields under Drought Condition

Alias Specific name Treatmenta Plantb Source project
1 Watered treated soil from Arbuckle (U.S) WATERED O PRJNA386367
2 Watered treated soil from Biggs (U.S) WATERED O PRJNA386367
3 Watered treated soil from Davis (U.S) WATERED O PRJNA386367
4 Drought treated soil from Arbuckle (U.S) DROUGHT O PRJNA386367
5 Drought treated soil from Bigs (U.S) DROUGHT O PRJNA386367
6 Drought treated soil from Davis (U.S) DROUGHT O PRJNA386367
7 Watered treated irrigated soil (Thailand) WATERED X PRJNA362531
8 Watered treated rainfed soil (Thailand) WATERED X PRJNA362531
9 Drought treated irrigated soil (Thailand) DROUGHT X PRJNA362531
10 Drought treated rainfed soil (Thailand) DROUGHT X PRJNA362531
  1. All replicates in each sample are averaged. In case of alias 7 and alias 8, incubated condition data is used out of fresh, re-incubated, drought, and recovery
  2. aWATERED: well watered state; DROUGHT: water is drained from soil and dried state
  3. bO: plant exists; X: plant does not exist