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Table 1 Additive effects of QTLs for stigma exsertion rate detected in the SSSLs

From: Substitution Mapping of the Major Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling Stigma Exsertion Rate from Oryza glumaepatula

QTLChr.Interval (kb)Estimated length (kb)Maximum length (kb)P valueA (%)
qSER-1a112,291.6–23,033.410,741.811,044.91.8E-0911.9 ± 0.8
qSER-1b129,608.2–32,219.62611.32952.51.2E-1212.4 ± 1.8
qSER-3a311,656.8–16,288.94632.15502.71.2E-0811.1 ± 1.1
qSER-3b327,677.1–28,575.9898.81087.92.7E-0810.7 ± 1.2
qSER-553216.5–19,626.916,410.516,901.84.9E-1113.5 ± 1.6
qSER-9914,398.5–14,950.4551.9718.73.6E-0810.6 ± 1.0
qSER-101021,132.3–22,599.31467.01504.72.9E-1214.8 ± 2.0
  1. A additive effect, A was represented as mean ± S.E. in five cropping seasons. P value indicates significant degree of SER between SSSL(s) and HJX74, determined by one-way ANOVA, LSD, two-tailed