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Table 4 Efficiency of Agrobacterium infection of calli induced from immature embryos of 16 wild Oryza species

From: Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Wild Oryza Species Using Immature Embryos

 Strain CentrifugationLBA4404EHA105
1O. barthii, W1467, AA1/92/80/81/8
2O. glumaepatula, W2184, AA3/83/91/82/8
3O. longistaminata, W1573, AA0/80/80/81/8
4O. meridionalis, W2080, AA0/91/80/80/8
5O. rufipogon, W1551, AA3/82/80/81/8
6O. punctata 2x, W1582, BB2/80/80/80/8
7O. eichingeri, W1525, CC0/80/81/80/8
8O. officinalis, W1301, CC0/160/160/170/16
9O. rhizomatis, W1808, CC0/160/150/160/17
10O. minuta, W0051, BBCC0/80/81/80/8
11O. punctata 4x, W1564, BBCC0/80/81/80/8
12O. alta, W0017, CCDD1/81/80/80/8
13O. grandiglumis, W2220, CCDD0/160/180/160/18
14O. latifolia, W1177, CCDD0/240/250/240/24
15O. brachyantha, W1711, FF2/91/80/81/8
16O. longiglumis, W1227, HHJJ0/240/240/250/24
17O. sativa, Nipponbare, AA88/9076/7977/8381/85
  1. number of GFP positive calli / total number of tested immature embryos