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Table 1 Callus induction from immature embryos of wild Oryza accessions on different callus-inducing media

From: Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Wild Oryza Species Using Immature Embryos

Type of mediumnN6C, CCMCnN6CCCMCNo callus induced on either
O. barthii, AAW1473, W1583W1467, W1605, W1643W0747, W1588, W1702W1063, W1416
O. glumaepatula, AAW1189, W1191, W2165, W2184, W2203W1167, W1169, W1477, W2145, W2160, W2201W1183, W1185, W2140, W2149, W2173, W2192W1187
O. longistaminata, AAW1573   
O. meridionalis, AAW1635, W2100, W2112W1297, W1300, W1631, W1638W1625, W2071, W2077, W2080, W2081, W2105W2079, W2103
O. rufipogon, AAW0107, W0593, W0625, W1230, W1239, W1294, W1551, W1685, W1852, W1865, W1965, W2014, W2265W0629, W0630, W1235, W1739, W1807, W1866, W1944, W1962, W2003, W2051W0102, W0106, W0137, W0610, W0621, W1114, W1666, W1669, W1681, W1690, W1718, W1921, W1945, W2078, W2109, W2263W0120, W0128, W1802, W1825, W2050
O. punctata (2x), BBW1515, W1582, W1586, W1593W1514, W1577, W1590, W1592  
O. eichingeri, CC W1525 W1526
O. officinalis, CCW1315W1291W0002, W0614, W1301, W1830, W1930W0065, W0566, W1131, W1200, W1252, W1302, W1308, W1361, W1814
O. rhizomatis, CC W1805, W1812W1808 
O. minuta, BBCCW1323W0016, W1213W0051, W1318, W1319, W1329, W1331, W1336, W1342W0045, W1328
O. punctata (4x), BBCCW1474(B) W1024, W1408, W1564W0043, W1023, W1145, W1409
O. alta, CCDD W0017, W0018 W1147
O. grandiglumis, CCDDW1483W1480(B), W2220W0613, W1195, W1476W1247
O. latifolia, CCDDW1177, W1197W0047, W1539 W0048, W0542, W1166, W1168, W1181, W1184
O. australiensis, EEW0008, W1639W1632, W2082, W2084 W1296, W1628, W1630, W2086, W2104
O. brachyantha, FFW1401W0654W0656, W1407(B), W1706, W1711W1403
O. granulata, GGW0003 W0067(B)W0004, W0615
O. meyeriana, GGW2068  W1348
O. longiglumis, HHJJW1227  W1218, W1219, W1220, W1222, W1223, W1224, W1228, W1229
O. ridleyi, HHJJ   W0001, W2033, W2035