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Table 1 Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) parameters, relative crystallinities and infrared ratios (IR) among near-isogenic lines (NILs) a

From: Genetic Dissection and Functional Differentiation of ALKa and ALKb, Two Natural Alleles of the ALK/SSIIa Gene, Responding to Low Gelatinization Temperature in Rice

GenotypeAP1 (%)AP2 (%)AP1/AP2AM (%)Relative crystallinity (%)1047/1022 (cm−1)
Nip(ALKa)63.15 ± 0.50a23.47 ± 0.10a2.69 ± 0.03b13.37 ± 0.50a31.7 ± 0.21b0.389 ± 0.001b
NIL(ALKb)63.59 ± 1.20a21.72 ± 0.50c2.93 ± 0.07a14.01 ± 0.70a35.1 ± 0.14a0.382 ± 0.002b
NIL(ALKc)64.18 ± 0.50a22.56 ± 0.30b2.85 ± 0.03a13.27 ± 0.70a35.9 ± 0.14a0.397 ± 0.001a
  1. aData represent means ± standard deviations, n = 2. AP1, AP2, and AP1/AP2 represent the relative fractions correspond to short (AP1) and long (AP2) branch chains of amylopectin, and the degree of amylopectin branching (AP1/AP2), respectively. AM represents the true amylose content (AM) as determined by gel permeation chromatography (GPC) parameters. The relative crystallinity was calculated from XRD. Ratios of 1047/1022 represents the amount of ordered starch calculated from ATR-FTIR. The small letters in each column indicate significant differences among genotypes (P < 0.05)