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Table 3 Average lengths and reduction percentages of the awns in the 1st to 5th spikelet positions of eight homozygous genotypes and the parental accessions of O. rufipogon W630 and the J5 line

From: Evaluation of Domestication Loci Associated with Awnlessness in Cultivated Rice, Oryza sativa

PositionW630Homozygous genotype aJ5
Awn length (mm)
Perecentage of reduction b        
 Average c0−1.712.229.125.529.833.866.574.982.4
  1. aEight genotypes were designated by three-letter combinations of W or C in genotypic order at qAWNL2, An-1 and LABA1, where W and C indicate wild and cultivated homozygous alleles, respectively
  2. bLength reduction compared to W630
  3. cOverall averages given with different letters are significantly different among the eight genotypes and two parental lines (Tukey’s test, P < 0.05)