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Table 4 Performance of three homozygous transgenic lines under nature conditions

From: Natural Sequence Variations and Combinations of GNP1 and NAL1 Determine the Grain Number per Panicle in Rice

Generation Genotype FLL FLW PH EPN GNP TGW GYP +% CK +% NAL1 +% GNP1
T2 Nongken58 21.3b 1.0b 69.4c 19.0a 58.2c    
NAL1(+) 24.5ab 1.3a 86.1b 15.7b 73.7b    
GNP1(+) 27.1a 1.0b 83.2b 18.3a 68.1b    
GNP1 + NAL1(+) 28.6a 1.3a 93.5a 19.1a 85.4a    
T3 Nongken58 18.3b 1.0b 69.7c 15.1a 50.2c 27.1a 434.7    
NAL1(+) 22.5a 1.3a 81.6b 12.8b 59.4b 27.5a 446.3 2.7   
GNP1(+) 23.2a 1.0b 79.4b 14.9a 57.9b 26.2ab 460.1 5.8   
GNP1 + NAL1(+) 26.6a 1.4a 96.1a 15.4a 66.9a 25.4b 501.4 15.3 12.3 9.0
T4 Nongken58 23.3b 1.2b 96.0c 13.5a 70.7c 26.2a 530.3    
NAL1(+) 30.6a 1.5a 107.6b 10.9b 90.6b 26.8a 553.9 4.5   
GNP1(+) 32.4a 1.2b 110.6b 12.6ab 86.2b 25.8ab 567.2 7.0   
GNP1 + NAL1(+) 34.6a 1.5a 117.8a 13.0a 101.1a 24.8b 599.7 13.1 8.3 5.7
  1. (+) indicate transgene-positive, CK Nongken58, GNP grain number per panicle, EPN effective panicle number per plant, TGW thousand grain weight (g), FLL flag leaf length (cm), FLW flag leaf width (cm), PH plant height (cm), GYP grain yield per plant (g/m2)
  2. Letters are ranked by Duncan’s test at P < 0.05