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Table 1 Results of MLM association of SNPs extracted from the two genes (NAL1 and GNP1) with traits in 198 accessions

From: Natural Sequence Variations and Combinations of GNP1 and NAL1 Determine the Grain Number per Panicle in Rice

Gene Trait GNP FLW PH
Site P R2 (%) P R2 (%) P R2 (%)
NAL1 S_1672 0.0019 6.70
S_2452 0.0305 2.47 0.0071 4.21
GNP1 S_397 0.0125 3.37 0.0073 4.18
  1. R2 (%) Phenotypic variance explained, GNP grain number per panicle, FLW flag leaf width, PH plant height