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Table 1 Rice samples from different botanical sources

From: Competition between Granule Bound Starch Synthase and Starch Branching Enzyme in Starch Biosynthesis

NumberNameCountry of origin
1IRTP 19771-G1Ivory Coast
2GERVEX 1686-C1Greece
3IRGC 64858–1South Korea
4Qingsiai 16BChina
5IRGC 12872–1New Zealand
6UPR 191–66India
7IRGC 62683–1China
8MONOLAYAUnited States
9GERVEX 1638-C1United States
12IRGC 70371–1China
13IRGC 28036–1Pakistan
14IRGC 46659–1India
15IRGC 53437–1China
16Yunlu 103China
17IRGC 38606–1India
18IRGC 3272–1Argentina
19Wuxiangjing 14China