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Fig. 5 | Rice

Fig. 5

From: Zebra leaf 15, a receptor-like protein kinase involved in moderate low temperature signaling pathway in rice

Fig. 5

Expression patterns of Z15. a Expression patterns of Z15 of the wild type in different tissues as indicated by quantitative real-time PCR. YS: leaf at seedling stage, YR: root at seedling stage; R: root, ST: stem, YL: young leaf, ML: mature leaf, SH: sheath, YP: young panicle. b GUS expression in various tissues of ProZebra15::GUS transgenic plants (B-1: root, B-2: stem, B-3: leaf, B-4: panicle, B-5: stamen, B-6 and B-7: hand cross-sections of stem and leaf. (B-1 to B-6: bar = 1 mm, B-7: bar = 25 μm), c Expression patterns of Z15 indicated by in situ hybridization (C-1: root, C-2: stem, C-3: leaf, C-4: sheath, C-5: panicle, C-6 is an enlarged view of C-2, C-7 and C-8 are enlarged view of C-3, C-9 is an enlarged view of C-4, C-10 and C-11 are enlarged view of C-5, C-6 to C-11: bar = 100 μm)

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