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Table 1 Yield and yield components of the test materials

From: The Initiation of Inferior Grain Filling is Affected by Sugar Translocation Efficiency in Large Panicle Rice

Year Material Panicles per plant Grains per panicle Setting rate 1000-grain weight (g) Yield (kg/ha)
2016 W1844 11.0a 206.1a 0.88a 25.06a 12500a
CJ03 10.6a 208.4a 0.91a 22.19b 11161a
2017 W1844 10.2a 225.4a 0.75a 26.25a 11330a
CJ03 10.4a 236.2a 0.83a 22.06b 11197b
  1. Different letters indicate statistically significant differences between cultivars at the P = 0.05 level