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Fig. 8 | Rice

Fig. 8

From: Overexpression of OsAGO1b Induces Adaxially Rolled Leaves by Affecting Leaf Abaxial Sclerenchymatous Cell Development in Rice

Fig. 8

Relative expression of genes and small RNAs related to sclerenchymatous cell development and leaf development. a Relative expression of SLL1 and SRL2. b Relative expression of tracheary element-PCD related genes. C4H, cinnamate 4-hydroxylase; 4CL, 4-coumarate:CoA ligase; CP, Cys protease; TED2, tracheary element dehydrogenase 2; PI, protease inhibitor. c Relative expression of six rice YABBY genes. d Relative expression of four miRNAs related to leaf development. e Relative expression of OSHB family genes targeted by miR166. f Relative expression of two TAS3-tasiRNAs and their targeted ARF genes. g Relative expression of miR319 targeted genes. h Relative expression of OsAGO7 and OsPNH1 involved in leaf development. The fourth leaves of 30-day-old seedlings from wild-type Zhonghua 11 (WT) and OE-AGO1b plants were used. The expression level of each gene was normalized to 1 in WT. OsActin1 (XM_015774830) and the 5S ribosomal RNA gene rrn5 (NC_011033.1282532..282653, complement) were used as internal standards to normalize the expression levels of genes and small RNAs, respectively. Error bars represent standard deviations among replicates (n = 3). * P < 0.05 (one-way ANOVA)

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