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Fig. 1 | Rice

Fig. 1

From: Overexpression of OsAGO1b Induces Adaxially Rolled Leaves by Affecting Leaf Abaxial Sclerenchymatous Cell Development in Rice

Fig. 1

Morphologies and expression analyses of OsAGO1b overexpression lines. a Morphologies of 30-day-old seedlings of wild type Zhonghua 11 (WT) and OsAGO1b overexpression (OE-AGO1b) lines (line 25, line 40, line 365). Scale bar = 20 cm. b Plant morphologies of WT and OE-AGO1b lines at the yellow mature stage. Scale bar = 15 cm. c Leaves of 30-day-old seedlings of the WT and OE-AGO1b lines. Scale bar = 2 cm. d Free-hand cross sections of WT and OE-AGO1b leaves from 30-day-old seedlings. Scale bar = 1 mm. e Relative expression of OsAGO1b in WT and OE-AGO1b lines based on qRT-PCR. Error bars represent standard deviations among replicates. The OsActin1 (XM_015774830) was used as an internal standard to normalize the expression levels of detected genes. f Western blot analysis of the OsAGO1b protein in WT and OE-AGO1b plants. Coomassic blue staining was used as a loading control. Expanded leaves at the heading stage were used for RNA and protein extraction for (e) and (f). ** P < 0.01 (one-way ANOVA)

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