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Table 1 Expression of genes involved in GA metabolism and cell wall loosening in osmads57–2 plants

From: Rice transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates plant height by modulating gibberellin catabolism

gene Change(Log2 ratio) Annotation
Os04g0228400 −4.75 OsEXPA1
Os01g0823100 −2.06 OsEXPA2
Os05g0477600 −2.02 OsEXPA4
Os06g0725300 −1.69 OsEXPL4
Os10g0555900 −1.94 OsEXPB3
Os04g0552200 −3.00 OsEXPB5
Os04g0598300 2.58 APO2
Os04g0610400 2.16 OsAP2–39
Os03g0782500 −3.20 OsPIL1
Os03g0198600 7.45 HOX12
Os02g0643200 6.40 OsYABBY4
Os04g0460600 2.16 OsNAC2
Os06g0275000 −2.88 OsHd1
  1. Changes in gene expression based on the RNA-seq data