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Fig. 5

From: Rice transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates plant height by modulating gibberellin catabolism

Fig. 5

OsMADS57 directly regulates the expression of OsGA2ox3 and EUI1 by binding to the promoter regions of OsGA2ox3 and EUI1, respectively. a Schematic diagrams of the effector and reporter constructs used in the dual-luciferase reporter assays. b and c The transient transactivation assay in rice protoplasts. d Schematic diagram of OsGA2ox3 and EUI1 promoter regions showing the CArG-box. e and f EMSA showed that OsMADS57 bound to CArG-box in the promoter regions of OsGA2ox3 (e) and EUI1 (f). Three independent experiments were conducted with similar results. Data are means± SD (n = 9). Error bars indicate SD

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