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Fig. 4

From: Rice transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates plant height by modulating gibberellin catabolism

Fig. 4

OsMADS57 regulate the expression of GA metabolic genes. a-c Altered expression of genes involved in GA metabolism (a and b) and signaling (c). Expression of genes involved in GA metabolism and signaling was analysed by Q-PCR in wild type and mutants lines. The PCR signals were normalized with that from actin1 transcripts. Transcript levels from wild type were set at 1. d Quantification of GA3 in four-leaf stage seedlings. DJ, wild type; m57–2, osmads57–2; m57–1, osmads57–1. Three independent experiments were conducted with similar results. Data are means ± SE (n = 10). Error bars indicate SE

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