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Fig. 3

From: Rice transcription factor OsMADS57 regulates plant height by modulating gibberellin catabolism

Fig. 3

Response of m57–2 and m57–1 mutants to GA and PAC. a and b 50 μМ GA3 (a) or 10 μМ paclobutrazol (b) treatment suppressed and enhanced the expression of OsMADS57, respectively. OsGA2ox3 was used as a positive control. c Semi-dwarf phenotype of m57–2 and m57–1 mutants can be rescued by GA3. The mutants were treated with exogenous 10 μМ GA3 for 10 d. Bars = 5 cm. d Shoot length of seedlings before and after 10 μМ GA3 treatment for 10 d. e Seedling morphology of mutants and wild-type plants grown with or without 10 μМ PAC for 10 d. Bars = 5 cm. f Shoot length of seedlings before and after 10 μМ PAC treatment for 10 d. Numbers above the bars indicate the elongation ratio of seedlings after treatment (the shoot length after treatment divided by the shoot length before treatment). DJ, wild type; m57–2, osmads57–2; m57–1, osmads57–1. Three independent experiments were conducted with similar results. The data are means± SD (n = 15). Error bars indicate SD

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